Campus life

Life at Berkeley doesn't stand still. With over 35,000 students from around the world and a vibrant urban setting, it's no wonder the campus community talks about a "fear of missing out." Jump in and find out how dynamic and interconnected life at Berkeley can be.

Events and attractions

日韩美a一级毛片,日本高清免费一本视频,a级做爰片,琪琪电影在线观看线看There is always something happening on the Berkeley campus. Performances, events and more are open to all.

Recreational sports

日韩美a一级毛片,日本高清免费一本视频,a级做爰片,琪琪电影在线观看线看Search for fitness classes, outdoor adventures and exercise facilities for the campus community.

Cal athletics

日韩美a一级毛片,日本高清免费一本视频,a级做爰片,琪琪电影在线观看线看This is Bear territory. Browse events and information about the 30 teams in the Cal athletics programs, winners of 87 team national championships.

Housing and dining

Ready to make a move? Explore student housing options, dining halls, meal plans and campus cafes.

Student organizations

日韩美a一级毛片,日本高清免费一本视频,a级做爰片,琪琪电影在线观看线看From performing arts to public service to gender and identity, there are hundreds of student organizations to connect your passions with your campus experience.

Health and safety

日韩美a一级毛片,日本高清免费一本视频,a级做爰片,琪琪电影在线观看线看Find information about campus health services and wellness information, eye clinics, environmental health, campus police and more.

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“There's a very non-hierarchical feeling at Berkeley.”
Saul Perlmutter, 2011 Nobelist, physics